We’re Bringing Professional Fighters to Amarillo, TX

We’re Bringing Professional Fighters to Amarillo, TX

You don’t want to miss one of our events!

Fist Fight League was started by a group of past fighters and is led by nationally ranked UFC fighter Cody Pfister. Our goal is to bring the fighting styles seen in professional UFC events to Amarillo, TX. We host events throughout the area. Contact us today to get in the Fist Fight League cage.

Attend an event you’ll never forget

We host events that showcase some of the best fighting techniques in the world. Whether this is your first time attending a professional fight or you’ve been watching UFC your entire life, you’ll never forget your experience at a Fist Fight League event. Our events include:
  • Intense action
  • Professional fighters
  • Today’s latest fighting techniques

For more information about Fist Fight League, contact us today. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.